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Celebrating Canada Day by Highlighting Canadian Excellence

At Quickie, we pride ourselves on transforming the retail experience by offering a unique blend of modern, customer-centric products and exceptional in-store encounters. 

As a proudly Canadian convenience store, we want to celebrate Canada Day by highlighting Canadian entrepreneurs who share our values of hard work, quality, innovation, and community spirit. 

Our commitment to supporting local businesses enhances our product offerings and strengthens our connection to our Canadian community. 

TWIGZ, Wakewater, A bis Gourmet, Grizzy’s Donuts, Great Canadian Meat Company ,and Canada Moose are only a few of the amazing companies we are proud to partner with. 

Discover the stories of these Canadian entrepreneurs and their products - from craft Donuts to Pretzels!

Founded in 2019, TWIGZ started as an idea at the Christmas dinner table. Three siblings and their mom created and perfected the Original Blend recipe – now known as Buttery Herb and Garlic – and then started pounding the pavement to get TWIGZ into stores. After countless evenings and weekends handing out samples at local grocery stores, they brought TWIGZ to where it is today.

Now TWIGZ is a full-time family enterprise with 4 bold flavours in over 7,000 retailers across Canada. Proudly produced in Alberta, TWIGZ is a family business committed to innovation and healthier snacks

Founded in 2020, the Toronto-based WakeWater Beverage Company specializes in better for you energy drinks! WakeWater was developed in the office of Cottage Springs out of a need for an afternoon pick me up that was clean and refreshing. With 85mg of caffeine from green tea (equal to a small cup of coffee) WakeWater provides you with the energy you need without the crash. WakeWater is flavoured naturally, with zero calories, sugar or sweetener. Look no further for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. 

A Bis Gourmet, a Canadian brand from Quebec, began as a local family business over 20 years ago, known for its fresh, high-quality gourmet sandwiches, salads, and other Fresh solutions to- grab- and- go, prepared daily without preservatives. Their dedication to quality, consistency, and customer service is evident in their use of top-quality ingredients and custom sandwich recipes. Expanding to include salads, Poke Bowls and parfaits, they meet market demands while maintaining freshness. With a facility located in Montreal, they deliver over 20,000 fresh products daily."

Since 2008, Donut Express has been dedicated to producing the finest cake batter donuts in Canada. Based in Metcalfe, Ontario, our leadership and production teams have consistently innovated and expanded our donut offerings each year.

Our Grizzys Donut products embody 'Canadiana' at the core of our brand. Grizzy, our family-friendly bear mascot, symbolizes our Canadian heritage and our commitment to being a Canadian manufacturer. We primarily use Canadian ingredients to provide our customers with a truly delicious product and experience.

Corey Sauve and Paul Skanes, both Ottawa natives, are passionate about mini donuts. If you encounter them around town, they'll likely be discussing mini donuts because these treats bring joy to people’s lives, which in turn makes them happy too.

After many successful years in business, Donut Express is expanding its presence in retail stores nationwide. Be sure to pick up your Mini Donut Snack Pack the next time you visit Quickie for your treats.

The Great Canadian Meat Company, founded in 1992 in Whitby, Ontario, began as a small family operation focused on Authentic Dry Pepperoni sticks. It has grown into one of Canada’s leading shelf-stable meat snack brands including Meat Sticks and Beef Jerky.  Made locally and hardwood smoked to perfection with the finest all-Canadian ingredients, Great Canadian Meat snacks are high in protein, low in sugar with no fillers and gluten-free. 

Sisters Leslie and Terry, from Muskoka, Ontario started their company less than a year ago, and have been thrilled with the response. Leslie and Terry were making a batch of their family’s favorite granola when they had a lightbulb moment—they realized they could sell it. From that point on, they experimented with various iterations of the recipe, finally creating the perfect bite-sized snack.

Crafted in small batches from a cherished family recipe, this family-owned Canadian business takes pride in delivering snacks that are not only delicious but also align with their values of promoting healthy living

We invite you to discover and enjoy these uniquely Canadian products, specially curated for you, our fellow Canadian customers. 

Cheers to all our Canadian vendors who work hard every day to delight more Canadians with their products and to our customers who enjoy their creations!

Happy Canada Day to everyone!


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